Led Operation Theater Light Controller 24v/12v (R7001-lcd)

LED OT Light Controller Suitable for both 24v and 12v variant. It is specially developed for LED OT Light .

LX – 101A Light Meter Luxmeter, Measures Up-To 2, 00 000 Lux Meter (PAck Of 1)

Introducing the LX-101A Light Meter Luxmeter – the essential tool for anyone seeking to measure light levels with the utmost

M7 1000v 1a Rectifier Diode Smd Do-214ac

Introducing the M7 1000v 1a Rectifier Diode Smd Do-214ac – the perfect solution for all your AC-DC conversion and switching

Mega R3 Board At Mega 2560 +usb Cable Compatible With Arduino

Introducing the Mega R3 Board at Mega 2560, the ultimate solution for all your microcontroller needs! With its high-quality design

P55NF06 (STP55NF06) Mosfet 60V 50A -N Channel Power Mosfet

Introducing the P55NF06 (STP55NF06) Mosfet – the ultimate solution to all your power needs. This high-quality N-Channel Power Mosfet is

Pl204 3wheel Drive Platform with Metal Chassis for Robotics | Chassis for Car (Pack of 1)

Introducing the PL204 3wheel Drive Platform with Metal Chassis, the perfect solution for your robotics and car-building needs. This pack

Raspberry Pi Pico Micro Controller Board(Pack Of 1)

Introducing the Raspberry Pi Pico Micro Controller Board – the high-performance microcontroller board that’s here to revolutionize the world of

Resistors 1k 5%

Introducing our high-quality 1k Ohms Resistors, designed with top-notch technical specifications to meet your electronic circuit needs. With a 0.25